Stanco di fare il giornalista in Italia? Su trovi lavoro in tutto il mondo

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The European Journalism Centre (EJC) is launching the new online platform in order to meet the demand for a centralised, international, multi-lingual, and comprehensive professional journalism jobs listing page that offers permanent positions as well as temporary work, freelance assignments, and journalism internships. counteracts the fragmentation of the job market for journalists. It meets the challenge of bringing together professionals looking for employment with the various organisations offering it. Perhaps even more importantly, opens up and boosts the freelance journalism market by facilitating appropriate matches between commissioning editors and precisely those freelancers who are best qualified to report on a given story, or who are closest to the location of breaking news. Last, but not least, it meets the increasing demand for cross-border journalism in order to keep up with European integration as well as globalisation. is curated in order to remain attractive and easily usable. It does not flood users with irrelevant information, but keeps key information at their fingertips at all times. As a virtual barometer of the journalistic trade, it is an attractive destination even outside specific job-hunting activities. For the users’ convenience, offers RSS and Twitter feeds, as well as Facebook integration. is a pro-bono project launched and underwritten by the European Journalism Centre (EJC), an independent international foundation that supports journalists and journalism. The EJC is a neutral, yet trusted partner of the entire journalism community, i.e., of news organisations and individual professionals alike. In such a way, embraces journalism career opportunities irrespective of the particular interest of any individual publishing company, public service or commercial broadcaster, or firm or NGO in need of qualified journalistic work.

Even though is a not-for-profit venture and job seekers can use the website free of charge, postings of job offers come at a modest fee. This price is primarily a mechanism to help ensure that offers are legitimate and well prepared. However, proceeds will be donated to charitable organisations in the journalism sector – as per the choice of the person posting the advert.

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